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ARC Associate living master


Strokes of Genius 13 2021

Finalist  “ Voodoo Child”

published in Nov 2021

See/Me Competition 2021. Honorable Mention 

AWA, American Women Artist   Spring Show 2020


Strokes of Genius, Best of Drawing.  Issue 12

Two entries accepted

one full page and the other a half page published in magazine.

ARC, Art Renewal Center Finalist International Competition. “Winter in Maine”

 Second piece accepted as Finalist. “Visions of the Future”

Portrait Society. Members Only Competition. Finalist, 
“Callie with Coyote”
Eighth place out of 
1,342 entries. 


AWA - American Women Artist Spring Show 2020

Strokes of Genius, Issue 14  Finalist  (November 2022)

"The Watcher"  and



“Callie with Coyote”

AWA, American Women Artist   Spring Show 2020 

Portrait Society.

Members Only Competition. Finalist,

Eighth place out of 1,342 entries. 


my inspiration for this piece was the loss of innocence.  I have created many pieces with these themes in mind and attempt to convey through my work an emotion we can all relate to.  this particular drawing comes from a series I worked on called Endangered Species.  I selected the model because I felt she had an ability to connect with that theme, while the coyote represents the loss of belonging. 


I worked with a model in my studio, posing her, setting the scene and then taking many pictures.  I work from both life and photography.  I use a sanded charcoal process which allows me to capture a large range of values.

"Visions of the Future"

Finalist in Portrait Society  - Outside the Box

Boynes EMerging Artist Award 

Sanded charcoal on print making paper

40 x 30

"charcoal has the ability to create an atmosphere that i emotionally respond to - I love it.  The 300-lb. paper is a must.  The paper must be strong enough to withstand the abuse of sanding and redrawing.

This drawing was done from posed photos of my great niece Lily.  Lily's emotional response to each of the scenes I set up determined the tone of the work.  i've been working on a series titled "endangered species" which was an idea that came to mind because of the loss of innocence and beauty of nature.  My advice to other artist "to work is never stop working.  it's a practice one must do every day, and you never stop learning."


"Voodoo Child"

Strokes of Genuis

Best of Drawing

Issue 13


"Lily's Dance"

Portrait Society of America

Members Only compettiion finalist

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Artist Magazine

Over 60 Competition

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