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My working process when drawing is to sand charcoal into heavy print making paper.  I use a middle value and work out from there.  This is a time consuming method.  It allows me to judge values as I move throughout the drawing process.  I can better see and evaluate the subject, as value is of the upmost importance.  Value is the building block of art.  Charcoal creates a mood that suits my working style and the emotions I am sharing.  This process can be meditative, relaxing, and addictive.  It takes me to that mental sweet spot where peace is possible.  Without being totally aware I think I have used art to help me understand my feelings and my life.

All my paintings are oil.  They are on canvas or aluminum.  I work in the old master style of painting.  Most of my paintings are portraits.  I’m always looking for interesting everyday people to inspire me. Through my work I try to express the feelings, as well as the likeness of the person I’m working with.  My work is the continuous process of understanding why I’m drawn to certain people and subjects.  This can be instrumental in improving your work, and maybe you’ll find out who u really are.  


"The White Dress"

diana kirkpatrick

Sanded charcoal on print making paper

40 x 30

"This drawing is of my great-niece Lily, I just met her last year.  after taking several photographs of her, isaw a unique innocence and intensity - an emtional quality that i thought would work well with the techingque i use. 

The technique is a long and arduous process of measuring and sanding the charcoal.  The drawings take several months to complete.  I worked from reference phots and then began to have her pose in my studio.  the drawing is part of my series called "endangered Species."

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